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Supporting YEMP

YEMP is a partnership of mentors, mentored youth, and the many organizations and individuals who support our work through their time, effort and donations.  Your support can help YEMP to unlock young people’s potential worldwide, foster sustainable development in emerging economies, and encourage greater adoption of the democratic values of an open society.

By supporting young people to start up businesses or engage in civic organizations, YEMP helps to transform lives and bring prosperity and stability to developing nations and economies around the world.

But we do not do it alone. Effective and sustainable mentorship requires some financial support, the skills and technical expertise of our mentors, and the resources of partner businesses, governments, NGOs, and foundations.

When you partner with us we can together reach a growing number of under-served young entrepreneurs.  Together we empower them to build businesses, to create employment opportunities for others, and to become inspirational leaders.

If you would like to become part of this endeavor, contact us.

The Young Entrepreneurs Mentoring Partnership pairs business and civic leaders in the U.S. with international students who will become tomorrow's leaders.