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How do I become a mentee?

Mentees are often referred by teachers or local business leaders who are able to identify ambitions but under-supported students.  They are assigned to mentees based on the recommendations of teachers and essays written by the candidate mentees.  Mentees do not need to be proficient in spoken and written English, but they do need to be able to get their point across despite grammatical errors.

Mentees do not need to come from privileged backgrounds. They do need to demonstrate an entrepreneurial attitude, have a strong commitment to furthering their own education, show an interest in community service, volunteerism, and the economic betterment of their home communities.  If you are committed to bettering yourself and your community, you are an ideal candidate for this mentoring program.

We are not seeking mentees from the upper economic strata of their home countries.  A street youth who has spent their adolescence running street level service businesses supporting themselves and their families is in many ways more skilled and entrepreneurial than a privileged youth who has not known want.  Grit and ambition are often more qualifying than proven academic achievement.

We are looking for youth with a real commitment to the betterment of themselves and their local communities.  We are not looking for young people who are proven superstars already, but for those who aspire to become active participants in the economic, political and civic life of their home communities.

We want our mentees to be as passionate about giving back to the entrepreneurship ecosystem as we are. We expect our mentees to become true leaders who will themselves give back by mentoring, volunteering, donating and investing.

Are you a young person who is committed to applying your skills and expertise to benefit your home community?  If so, we may be able to help you attain your entrepreneurial goals.  Maybe you have in mind a great idea or project?  We are looking for young leaders who want to:

  • Build a sustainable business.
  • Bring better technical infrastructure to your town or region.
  • Improve environmental or natural resources management.
  • Foster sustainable economic development in your country.
  • Better train and educate other youth.
  • Make your town or region more livable.
  • Increase public civic engagement.
  • Become involved with local government.
  • Improve your homeland’s environmental sustainability.

Find a mentor

Does the above description apply to you?  Are you seeking advice for the best ways to attain your dreams?  Are you looking for a mentor, or someone to discuss your project idea with? If so, contact us.

The Young Entrepreneurs Mentoring Partnership pairs business and civic leaders in the U.S. with international students who will become tomorrow's leaders.